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New Tour - EcoVillage on the Bike

Aldinga Arts Ecovillage, 173 Port Road, Aldinga
Winter is the best time to see the village.
Meet at my Coffee Hut, get fitted with bike and helmet and then off to view this 34 hectare development.
See the street scapes, the paths, the dams and the sustainable homes. Breeze through the orchards, travel across Tour conducted by a member of the original development team and you can enter one of the sustainable homes to see how they work. How long...well as long as it takes. How Much $30 per person (includes donation to the village), when? when it suits you! Book 0416 773 210.
Bookings and payment essential. Fair Weather Guarantee Applies.
The tour will run if there is a minimum of 2 registrations..
Fair Weather Guarantee........if you go on a bike hire and get rained out!....We will pick you up and refund your money......how fair is that?

BOOK NOW! 0416 773 210